We are proud to announce that after a two-year hiatus, Don Gorvett has re-opened Piscataqua Fine Arts, his print shop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The shop serves as sister gallery to his studio and gallery in Ogunquit, Black Bear Fine Art.

Piscataqua Fine arts is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Portsmouth at 123 Market St, just around the corner from the gallery's former location on Ceres Street. In addition to being one of America's oldest and illustrious ports, Portsmouth has for centuries been a destination for artists.This rich history of art continues to this day, as the city's oldest row of waterfront warehouses is now home to the renowned, large-scale reduction woodcuts of artist Don Gorvett. In addition to Don's work we also feature a unique collection of fine art by some of New England's most accomplished artists and printmakers, including Sidney Hurwitz, Alex deConstant, Penelope Jenks, the large format silver gelatin photographs of Conrad Marvin, etchings by Sean Hurley, sculpture by Bill Duffy and Jeffery Briggs, and abstract drawings by Ralph Gorvett. Piscataqua Fine Arts is also home to a variety of old and modern master prints, , and we are the only gallery in Portsmouth with a special emphasis on printmaking of both contemporary and historic masters.

We're open most days - give us a call at (603) 436-7278, or stop by for a visit.